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Our future, anywhere in the world, depends on how well we take care of our newborn and young infants. Health care professionals can not do this alone. We need a ‘social movement’ to bring together families, medical professionals, charities, government agencies, policy makers, and every other member of our society whose heart beats for babies.

We are setting up core teams to provide local leadership with a global vision. We will set priorities for research, quality improvement, and for education and training. For effective communication, we are planning virtual and in-person meetings at both regional and global levels, and to develop high-quality publication(s) that will not be limited by linguistic barriers. Our consortium will compile "big data" to identify issues important for neonatal care; develop prediction models for clinical outcomes; and identify geographical patterns in health and disease to assist policy-makers. Every Baby Counts!

Akhil Maheshwari (Baltimore, USA), with help from Prof. Dr. Minesh Khashu (United Kingdom), approached renowned clinicians and social leaders from all over the world to develop a global organization focused on the care of newborn infants. Dr. Khashu later left the organization for personal reasons.


Our board of directors (last names in alphabetical order) includes Drs. Jargalsaikhan Badarch (Mongolia), Giuseppe Buonocore (Italy), Wally Carlo (USA), Bob Christensen (USA), Alvaro Dendi (Uruguay), Yahya Ethawi (UAE), Kamlesh Jha (USA), Pascal Lavoie (Canada), Sundos Jaber Khuder (Iraq), Ashok Kumar (India), Rangasamy Ramanathan (USA), Mohammad Mozibur Rahman (Bangladesh), Zakariya al Salaam (Saudi Arabia), Guilerme Mendes Sant'Anna (Brazil), Bob Schelonka (USA), and Rachana Singh (USA). 

The group is expanding rapidly, and now has presence in more than 120 countries in the 6 populated continents.



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