​​Currently, most of our members are pediatricians and newborn specialists. 

All of us know that even today, we lose millions of infants to conditions that could be minimized by appropriately-directed medical and logistical measures. However, these measures need to be available everywhere, in a timely fashion.

Pediatricians cannot achieve these goals alone. Newborns are our future, and all of us need to get together to bring about a change. A lot of expertise already exists in the society. Our physicians in other branches of medicine, nurses, all other health care professionals, families, citizens who had to endure critical illness themselves during infancy, charitable organizations, government agencies, policy makers, and everyone else who wishes to see a real improvement can contribute, be it with leadership, guidance, planning, skills, communication, and/or financial support. 


Babies don't vote. Their parents are young and are still acquiring the vocal strength that is displayed by leaders who genuinely, eloquently, and passionately advocate for solutions for serious diseases that affect us during adulthood.


We need to speak on behalf of our infants and their young parents.


We need guidance from every Opinion Leader.

We need to grow this social movement.

       Every Baby Counts! ​​


Each Time We Lose an Infant, We Lose an Entire Life and All its Potential.

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