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Online Submission

We will accept manuscript submissions via our online manuscript submission system. Before submitting a manuscript, authors are encouraged to review the Instructions to Authors and the comments of the reviewers. You will be able to monitor the status of your manuscript online throughout the editorial process.


Submission of Revisions

Authors submitting a revised manuscript after review will be asked to include the following:

  1. Author’s Response to Reviewers, indicating the responses point-by-point on how the reviewers’ comments have been addressed.

  2. A marked-up version of the manuscript with highlighted changes made in response to the reviewers' comments should be submitted for clarity.

  3. A “clean” (non-highlighted) version of the manuscript should also be submitted.

Correspondence with the Journal

You can indicate more than one first authors and more than one corresponding authors on the manuscript if you wish. However, only one submitting author should be designated to communicate with the publishers for matters arising from the manuscript (materials requests, technical comments and so on). It is this author's responsibility to inform all co-authors of matters arising and to ensure such matters are dealt with promptly. After acceptance for publication, proofs will be e-mailed to the corresponding author for responses with the assent of all co-authors. The decision messages will be sent to the submitting author.

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