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Our logo shows a young infant exuding innocent, genuine happiness. This hand-drawn painting was a consciously-considered choice over the more traditional line logos, as it conveyed our philosophy in greater detail. The absence of skin color, some curl in the hair, shape of the eyes, and the long eye-lashes emphasize that the needs for infant care may be similar all over the world, and that we need to look beyond ethnicity and gender. The picture of a globe on the baby's bib symbolizes the importance of well-coordinated, world-wide efforts. The yellow color on the bib symbolizes happiness, hope, and spontaneity. The age-related vulnerability of a newborn infant, with all the limitations in verbal expression, is seen in being alone in the boat. The rough waters and the surrounding large, featureless sky emphasize the unexpressed loneliness that many infants may have to endure. However, the shades of blue indicate that the hope of peace and tranquility is not completely lost. The casted metal in our acronym letters, GNS, on the starboard may provide strong support to the baby at present, but the angular edges indicate a need for continued polishing to ascertain adequacy and progress. The prominence of the letter 'N', for newborn, is self-explanatory. The red color of the boat symbolizes our affection. The expression "Every Baby Counts" seen on the boat's draft below the waterline indicates our commitment to philanthropy, and if needed, to altruism that does not always need to be visible. The shadow behind the picture shows that it has been glued on a solid wall, one built out of our adoption and commitment.