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The Global Newborn Society aims to help reduce neonatal morbidity and mortality. Babies do not talk, or vote, and so, need help. This is a long page - we present our logo here in all its detail. The process of how we developed our logo is described below.

We broke with tradition and designed a human-centered, conceptual/editorial illustration instead of a more conventional linear or geometric drawing. We believe that this graphic presents our philosophy in a rational, comprehensive fashion; access to computers has brought a paradigm shift - a "copy and paste" is now all it takes to reproduce a depiction. We claim no expertise in designing logos, but each element here was chosen after due thought. To some readers, this line of reasoning could still look like a self-justifying explanation for a simple-looking schema. So, to convince you, we have exhaustively hyperlinked (these underscored phrases) the content to external websites - we sang our hearts out without the need to repeat any of the known rhythmic rhymes. Links can also reduce linguistic barriers in communication. We then performed a pilot study to ascertain the best way to highlight these links - underscoring or with colors. Consistent with some existing data, underlines worked better. The reasons are not clear; we might differ in how we react to or perceive colors. Next, we removed most abbreviations as these were slowing us down, not helping us in scanning this site. All said and done, this narrative is still no archival aviary; it is very much a work in progress, as is often the case while a case is still being made. If you see errors here that we have missed, please let us know!

IThis logo, a work of art, was a gift from Dr. Rachana Singh. She, and others who have tried to interpret it, have been inspirational. Quoting from Shakespeare (Sebastian, 12th Night, Act III, Scene 3), we can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks (L1505)!

©2024 Global Newborn Society, "Every Baby Counts"

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