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The Global Newborn Society aims to help reduce neonatal morbidity and mortality. Babies do not talk, or vote, and so, need help. We present our logo here in all its philosphical detailThe details of the how we got here are described below.

The child art in this logo shows a lovable little infant exuding innocent, genuine happiness. Infancy is a high-risk, but still an exciting phase of life. The smile on the infant's face engages readers; evolutionary and psychological adaptations evoke positive emotions in caregivers. By showing this baby with no skin color, and knowing that facial features such as those curly hair, prominent eyes, that cute little nose, and the long eyelashes are not always specific for geographic origin, ethnicity, race, genetics, or gender, the artist has stressed that most health problems of these patients are more likely to be related to physiological immaturity than to other factors. The yellow background of the feeding bib reminds of the happiness, hope, and spontaneity of this age. However, during critical illness, the risk of mortality of infants begins to approach that of 60-year-old adults. The little globe on the bib reminds us of the need for well-coordinated, world-wide efforts - the Robinson/Equal Earth-like projection suggests that the East/West and North/South do not always need to be viewed separately. Babies need care all over the world. We need to work together

This logo, a work of art, was a gift from Dr. Rachana Singh. She, and others who have tried to interpret it, have been inspirational. Quoting from Shakespeare (Sebastian, 12th Night, Act III, Scene 3), we can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks (L1505)!

©2024 Global Newborn Society, "Every Baby Counts"

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