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Infan – see

Poem by Sonali Korde

He opened his eyes

All shiny and new

And was bewildered but intrigued

As he saw the faces of people rushing around amany

But heard just one voice that made him feel relieved.


He was pushed out

Of his safe and comfortable cocoon

Wish…he hadn’t been

With a force that could break a thousand bones

Had never been felt, nor been seen

Through slits of his eyes, he saw he lay out

As life was quickly sucked

When his lifeline, the cord, that tied him to her

Was with a snap, being heartlessly cut

He blacked out

But he heard the sound of a smack

Whence he was turned upside down

But slowly was slipping

Into a deep black hole

Miserably…without a sound

He caught a glimpse

Of himself,

in the mirror…far away

and cringed at the bloody sight

and his vision began to sway

He heard then someone’s muffled sobs

A voice he had often heard

Crooning to him over the nine long months

He had returned with gesture…every word

And then he gasped with another wack

And saw the room come alive

His wails like noise to his little ears

But like music that made dance those eyes

Slowly, he was wiped and cleaned and clothed

And placed in such loving arms a pair

That made him want to fall asleep

After the long struggle, without a care.

I love you, crooned the voice again

And he felt the love that made him diz

When he would rest near the overflowing breast

And hear the heartbeat akin to his.


He knew that there wouldn’t be a worry now

As she would lead the way

And now he would forever see


All followed by day


The infant sees…


Painting by Ryan McAdams 2020

A painting shows a premture infant receiving respiratory support. The infant seems to be in thought, and the other components of the painting may carry meanings as described below the image.

A premature infant with respiratory distress. Despite being unwell, the eyes still show hope, an emotion that we all would like to learn from these fresh creations of nature. The walls of the room are covered with what may be pictures, cards, or newly registered memories. The nasal cannula for breathing support, cardiac leads, and the temperature probe all indicate illness, but at the same time, reassure about the availability of intensive care. The relative abundance of scalp hair and the flexed upper extremities suggest that the gestational age could be at least 32 weeks, and this level of maturity adds hope. 


Painting by Rachana Singh 2021

A large-for-date infant, possibly related to maternal diabetes, has abnormalities in heart rhythm. The dreams suggest that no matter how sick, infants have a strong potential of recovery.

No matter how sick, infants can respond to good medical care and go on to have a whole life full of possibilities. This is what makes neonatal intensive care so important and rewarding. This painting shows a sleeping infant, who may be large-for-date due to maternal diabetes. The electrocardiogram on the top right corner shows a serious heart rhythm abnormality arising in its lower chambers. However, despite all difficulties, there is hope. Unaware of the ongoing frantic treatment measures, the dreams still show a sea of tranquility with music, colorful balloons and footprints, supporting hands, and many small creatures and a happy unicorn swimming nearby. An ocean current, the pathway to recovery, is hidden somewhere in close vicinity; we just need to recognize it. The graduation cap symbolizes the success that the future may hold.

©2024 Global Newborn Society, "Every Baby Counts"

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