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The following leaders were recognized for appointment as an honorary fellow in the Global Newborn Society in the year 2024. They were honored for their exceptional achievements within one or more of the following domains: academic excellence, organizational leadership, and social contributions.

Rtn. Dr. Kokila Agarwal (USA)

Professor Dr. Jargalsaikhan Badarch (Mongolia)

Professor Dr. Guiseppe Buonocore (Italy)

Professor Dr. Waldemar Carlo (USA)

Professor Dr. Robert D. Christensen (USA)

Dr. Yahya Ethawi (UAE)

Ms. Michaelene Fredenburg (USA)

Rtn. Mr. Barton Goldenberg (USA)

Professor Dr. Thierry A. G. M. Huisman (USA)

Dr. Roya Huseynova (UAE)

Dr. Kamlesh Jha (USA)

Dr. Sundos Khuder (UAE)

Professor Dr. Pascal Lavoie (Canada)

Dr. Arunas Liubsys (Lithuania)

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