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Akhil Maheshwari (USA) approached renowned clinicians and social leaders from all over the world, and developed the Global Newborn Society (GNS), an organization with worldwide presence that will advocate for newborn infants. He received tremendous help in this effort from Prof. Dr. Minesh Khashu (UK), who later had to give up on these responsibilities to attend to personal commitments.

Maheshwari is a neonatologist-scientist-organizer, who is known for his work on neonatal immunology with more than 150 publications in the world's top-rated journals, more than 50 book chapters, and 6 well-received books. He has received numerous awards and honors all over the world. Realizing the need to bring scholars from different parts of the world together, he developed the GNS, an organization that is now present in more than 120 countries. His career hisory can be seen on Wikipedia and LinkedIn. He is functioning as the current Editor-in-Chief of the scientific journal of the Global Newborn Society, the newborn

Our organization is now honored to have three highly-renowned new leaders, in alphabetical order, Drs. Waldemar Carlo (USA), Kei Lui (Australia), and Horacio Osiovich (Canada).

Professor Waldemar Carlo is a renowned neonatologist from the USA. He is the Edwin M. Dixon Endowed Chair in Neonatology, Director, Chronic Lung Disease Prevention Program; Director, Home Readiness Program; Director, Early Developmental Intervention Program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in USA. He is a globally-recognized scholar with >400 publications, 54000 citations. He has a tremendous body of scientific and much-needed community work in Africa and South Asia.

Professor Kei Lui is a renowed Senior Clinical Academic Neonatologist and Professor at the School of Women’s and Children’s Health at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. He is an expert in neonatal outcomes, epidemiology, and clinical trials with over 200 publications, and is the chief investigator in multiple NHMRC/MRFF and CIHR projects. He currently Chairs the Australian and New Zealand Neonatal Network and serves on the Board of Directors of the iNEO International Neonatal Network.

Professor Horacio Osiovich is a renowed neonatologist and Clinical Professor at the University of British Columbia and the BC Women’s Hospital, Toronto, Canada. His main research focus is on various aspects on infection, and cardiac and respiratory problems in infants. As Division Head, he also has a special interest in the training and education of future neonatologists in Canada and Latin America. He is recognized all over the world for his tireless efforts to improve neonatal outcomes in under-privileged communities.


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