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The following pages contain the issues published so far. 

In each issue, the opening page contains a brief description of the Global Newborn Society. Our philosophy, summarized in its logo, is discussed. The back of this opening page (page ii) carries a brief message from the artist about the cover art, links to the instructions to authors, and the contact information for the publishers.

The blue color of the journal cover was a considered choice. Blue is the color of flowing water, and draws attention to abnormalities of blood vascular flow seen in many neonatal illnesses. There is a gradual transition in the shades of blue from the top of the cover downwards. The deeper shades of blue on the top emphasize the depth, expertise, and stability, which the renowned authors bring. Light blue is associated with health, healing, tranquility, understanding, and softness, which their studies bring. The small letter “n” in the title of the journal, newborn, was chosen to emphasize the cute little size of a newborn baby. The issue editors choose 2-3 articles to be highlighted, shown in chosen pictures and titles in an order suggested by them.

Instructions to Authors
As mentioned in earlier pages, the journal welcomes original articles and review articles. We also welcome consensus statements, guidelines, trials methodology, and core outcomes in the first 1000 days. Authors can see detailed instructions at The manuscripts can be submitted via the online manuscript submission system.

The following pages show the issues published so far. In each page, there is first a composite PDF file 
containing all the articles in that particular issue, followed by a list of articles with appropriate links. 

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