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Dear GNS family,

We are really pleased to update you about the progress of the organization in the last few months, and would greatly appreciate your responses about the actions mentioned below in this letter.

First, it gives us great pleasure to inform you that the official journal of the GNS, 'NEWBORN’ will be launched in June 2021, and will be published by Elsevier, Inc. We will share the website and details in due course. To facilitate indexing on PubMed, we will be coordinating the publishing of 25 appropriate manuscripts as soon as possible. There will be no article processing fee for these manuscripts, and all manuscripts will be retrospectively indexed on PubMed. We welcome manuscripts from all of you, from all corners of the globe, to showcase the academic and research credentials of our membership.

The above work took precedence over the process of developing the global and regional structures for GNS. We also felt that it would be useful to establish some of our collaborations with potential key partners prior to confirming the structure and governance. We will be sharing further details regarding this soon.

On the 17th of May, we plan to ‘onboard’ our whole membership on to a collaboration platform called Hexitime. This will facilitate networking and help develop collaborations for research and improvement. In the next few days, we will share the instructions on how we can all register and join the Hexitime platform.

Finally, we are all aware that the 17th of May was designated a few years back as the Global NEC Awareness Day. It would be useful if we, as a global family, utilised the day to improve awareness about NEC and showcase the training, education, and other events relevant to NEC. Please email us any relevant content or social media posts that we can promote and also signpost on the GNS website.

Wishing you, your teams and families all the best. Stay Safe.

Yours sincerely

Akhil Maheshwari & Minesh Khashu (;
Co-Founders, GNS

©2024 Global Newborn Society, "Every Baby Counts"

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